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    Brett Malinski has been selling residential real estate for 16 years.

    Brett Malinski

    Broker | Owner | Agent

    Eric Perkins

    Partner | Agent

    A.J. Bucchino



  • 100% exposure!

    The FIRM listings display on all MN broker websites; EdinaRealty.com, RE/MAX, Sotheby's, Zillow, Trulia.com and thousands more.

    Marketing Services

    The FIRM offers, professional photography and drone ariel photos, experienced stagers, in-house graphic design/print, and stunning video home tours. You first showing will be online, your home needs to be showcased to it's highest potential.

    Search Engine Advertising

    If you were looking for a home you wouldn't open a magazine or newspaper. You would get on a device and Google "Homes for sale in (City)." The FIRM creates highly targeted Google ads that reach the most probable buyer for your home. We target age, number of kids, household income, married/single and other criteria to channel our marketing dollars to get results.

    Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com

    These International Real Estate websites generate the majority of the home searches online. Our listings display on the above websites, ALL local broker sites and syndicate to thousands of other relevant websites.

    Social Media Advertising

    Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIN are still the fastest growing social media platforms for advertising. household, one out of every four minutes on a mobile device is spent on social media sites. Our in-house team designs highly optimized social media ad campaigns that display our listings to thousands of potential buyers that fit the buyer profile for your home.

  • The Firm Brand

    A classic real estate brand that lends itself well to any caliber of home.  Our subtle brand tells people your home is for sale with style.  One contact, one number, one mission

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