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Our Services

The Firm offers more services to our clients and less in commission. 

Below is our commission structure.
2.5% paid to the buyer broker.
2.5% paid to The FIRM.
5% total.

When The Firm finds the buyer directly, we forgive the 2.5% buyer-side commission, saving you tens of thousands in fees.

*All transactions include a Broker Administration Commission (BAC) of $450.00

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What's included?

Indepth Market Study

Our agents will prepare an in-depth market valuation of your home.  We use cutting-edge MLS-driven systems to properly value.  In a changing market like we currently are in, having street knowledge is very important too.


We include floor plans with all of our listings as well.  Buyers must fully understand the layout and if the house will function for their family.  Otherwise, it's a waste of everyone's time.

Staging Services and Consultations

Upon request, we offer free staging consultations for our clients.  In most cases, we tell you what things are not adding to the sale and what items are.  If needed we can stage rooms at an additional fee.

World-class marketing

Once The Firm lists your home, we partner with all MN real estate brokers, national brokers, and international websites and apps.  We invest thousands in social media ads for your exclusive listing.  Our goal is the find the buyer directly. 

Professional Photography

Your first showing will be on the internet.  It is imperative to have a professional real estate shoot for your home.  Our partners thoughtfully craft each photo inside and out.

Home Warranty

For the buyer's peace of mind, we offer a 1-year home warranty.  This also protects the seller if something happens during the listing period, you're covered.

Contact us today for a free consultation—zero pressure, zero cost.

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