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Physicians rewards program.

Selling and Buying?

The Firm is a 100% commission-based real estate brokerage.  For deserving professionals like you, we offer programs that will save you tens of thousands when selling.  Our "Buyer Direct" program would save you 3-4% of the sale price when selling a home with The Firm.

Need a mortgage?

Our preferred lender, Huntington Bank, has a unique "Physicians Benefits" program offering 100% financing (no money down) up to $1,000,000.  Other programs are 95% up to $1,250,000 and 90% on $2,000,000.

Who qualifies?

Physician Rewards are available to medical professionals with an MD, DO, DDS, DMD, and DVM looking to buy and/or sell a home.

Let’s Work Together

Brett Malinski will contact you directly.

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